Angry fans are bombarding the 'Fantastic Four' social feeds warning others not to see the movie

“Fantastic Four” opened in theatres Friday, and with its release has come a plethora of poor reviews.

“Even if lip-service is paid to some great threat to life on Earth as we know it, the filmmakers bring nothing new to the formula, resulting in a film that’s all wind-up and no delivery,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

And it’s not just the critics who are tearing it apart. Fans are also upset with Fox’s reboot of Marvel’s first family. Many are so upset, they have been taking to the “Fantastic Four” social media accounts denouncing the movie as “boring” and “unfantastic” while warding off others from seeing it. Anyone who claims the film is good is getting accused of lying, being in cahoots with Fox or the director, or getting paid off by the studio.

Take a look.

This is how many of the comment threads on the “Fantastic Four” Twitter account look:

A tweet asking fans who they’re going to take with them this weekend to see the film backfired quickly.

Here are more responses to that message:

It’s much of the same on Facebook — with some fans asking when Fox is going to sell the rights for the Fantastic Four characters back to Marvel and Disney.

The top upvoted comments on most Facebook posts are negative, taking shots at the reboot.

Anyone claiming they enjoyed the film is getting scrutinised by fans. Here are two examples:

For the record, we’ve seen the movie and it’s a rough ride.

How rough? Not “Transformers 4” or “Jupiter Ascending” terrible, but it’s pretty bad, which is unfortunate because the film had a lot of potential. Those who make up the group (Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell) are fun to watch on screen, and it’s a shame that for a movie called “Fantastic 4” that the movie’s not centered on telling their story more. Instead, the movie spends too much of its time focused on a teleporter so that the characters themselves are one dimensional defined mostly by their sudden newfound powers.

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