Fans Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Show Up At Court To Support Boston Bombing Suspect — And One Of Them Is Wearing This Shirt

Dzhokhar Tsarnev Twitpic

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a fan club, and some are showing up to court today to advocate for the 19-year-old suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon.

The #FreeJahar movement has gained traction on social media sites since the bombing, with fans of the suspected terrorist claiming that he’s innocent.

Tsarnaev is expected to appear in a Boston federal court this afternoon for his arraignment on charges of using weapons of mass destruction to kill three people and wound more than 260 others. His older brother Tamerlan, who is thought to have carried out the attack along with Dzhokhar, died in a police shootout days after the bombing.

Sean Kelly, a reporter for WCVB in Boston, tweeted that several Dzhokhar supporters showed up to court today saying “things just don’t add up.”

He also tweeted this photo of one of the supporters wearing a shirt made for the arraignment:

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