Fans are furious about ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ being canceled, but it could get picked up by Hulu

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ Fox
  • Fans and celebrities alike took to social media to mourn the cancellation of Fox cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Thursday, but the show could still see new life on another platform or network.
  • According to Deadline, Hulu is a likely home for the series, but it could otherwise end up at TBS, NBC, or Netflix.

After Fox cancelled the cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Thursday, a massive outpouring of fans, including notable names from the cast and entertainment world at large, took to social media to protest and lament the show’s end.

But “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which stars Andy Samberg, Andre Baugher, Terry Crews, and Chelsea Peretti as cops in Brooklyn, New York, could see still new life on another network or streaming service for its sixth season.

According to Deadline, Hulu is the most likely home for the critically acclaimed comedy, as the streaming service already owns the show’s syndicated streaming rights. But there’s a chance the series may end up at TBS, NBC, or Netflix, the latter of which Deadline considers the longest shot, due to Hulu’s leg up on the show’s streaming rights.

Hulu similarly revived Fox’s sitcom “The Mindy Project” for three more seasons after Fox cancelled the show in 2015, following its third season.

A solid sign for the potential next home for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is that the show became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter Thursday afternoon after its cancellation. Several of the show’s cast members, alongside entertainment names like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Guillermo del Toro, and Mark Hamill, took to social media to express their love for the show and call for its renewal.

Here are a few of the reactions: