Fans Point Out The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Seemed Eerily Similar To The Ending Of 'Lost'

If you’ve seen the ending to “Breaking Bad,” you may have felt like you were having a case of déjà vu.

Diehard fans of both series pointed out that the final shot of the popular AMC series looked eerily similar to that of “Lost.”

We immediately made the connection as well.

If you’re a fan of both shows, you’ll know that one of these endings is beloved, while the other is one of the most controversial endings to a series.

While we’re sure that was just a coincidence, some fans took it as an aside to “Lost'” essentially saying, “This is how you do an ending to a show.”

As a result, fans began tweeting items at Lindelof about the two contrasting finales.

Then something weird happened. Lindelof began retweeting many of the people tweeting at him.

In total, Lindelof retweeted 20 people after the finale ripping into him for 2010’s “Lost” finale.

This was the most brutal:

It appeared as if Lindelof had a change of heart about the “Lost” finale and that he too was troubled by it after watching the “Breaking Bad” end.

Instead, he used the opportunity to sound off about the ABC series’ controversial ending on The Hollywood Reporter saying he was sick of hearing about people’s grievances with the ending to “Lost” and even more tired of talking about it.

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