Fannie Mae's CFO shares his best financial advice and it's all about simplicity

Dave Benson.Fannie MaeDave Benson.

If you want to invest in a business, you need to be able to describe the core value of the organisation in a few short sentences.

That’s the lesson Fannie Mae CFO Dave Benson offered when we asked him to share his best financial advice.

Benson is responsible for numerous functions at the mortgage lending giant, including controllers, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, treasury, and asset/liability management.

Even with a complex corporate structure under his management, Benson still believes that simplifying an entire business into a brief overview can determine a company’s investment worthiness.

“I have found that a business that can be easily understood within a few succinct sentences is worth a look,” Benson told Business Insider. “Who does the business serve, what are the two or three key financial drivers, and what is the distinct competitive advantage?”

“If it can’t be described that simply,” he said, “perhaps this isn’t the right opportunity for you.”

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