May 19: The Day The Shoe-Throwing Revolution Officially Came To China

Great Wall

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Back in February, when the Arab Spring got going, The Economist created the “Shoe Throwing Index” as a measure of discontent, and likely revolt. It used various factors that would likely contribute to unrest. Shoe Throwing was used, since that’s what so many people did as a way of disrespecting a leader.Well, shoe-throwing has arrived in China, aimed squarely at the country’s censorship practices.

The Chinese twittersphere is buzzing about a shoe (or possibly an egg, or both) having been thrown at Fang Binxing, the father of the country’s Great Firewall that censors the internet. It was during a lecture, and fittingly — apparently because so many people were tweeting about it — his name is now banned from microblogs.

Between growing Chinese censorship, and heightened concerns about the Chinese economy, the pessimists and doomsayers are really having a field day.

Update: AP confirms that Chinese police are seeking out the shoe-thrower.