New York Startup Fancy Hands Steals An Employee From Tyra Banks

fancy hands karyn spencer
Karyn Spencer, Director of Communications for Fancy Hands

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Fancy Hands is a a startup that helps people accomplish menial yet time-consuming tasks. After years of bootstrapping the company, its founder Ted Roden raised a small lump sum and is now hiring up a storm.

His latest hire is a woman he poached from former super model, Tyra Banks.

Karyn Spencer is now director of communications at Fancy Hands. She formerly ran social media accounts for Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher.

“Managing audiences of millions of people has been educational and rewarding, but I was looking for an opportunity to join a company in its early stages so that I could build and grow with it,” Spencer tells Business Insider of her decision to leave celebrities behind for Fancy Hands. “Having spent years as an assistant on the highest level, Fancy Hands sounded like the perfect place for me to combine that knowledge with my social media experience. I’m thrilled that Ted felt the same way.”

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