Fancy May Have Invented The First Shopping Experience On Google Glass

fancy app for google glass

Applications for Google Glass are popping up left and right. We’ve seen official and unofficial Glass apps for services like Evernote, Path, Facebook, and even for watching porn

Now social shopping startup Fancy is hopping on the bandwagon with its “Fancy colour Search” service for Google Glass

Users first take a picture with Glass and share it to Fancy to discover products with matching colours.

In the demo video, one person takes a picture of his kitchen appliances and shares it to the Fancy app. He then sees 20 “matching” items like storage drawers, shutters, rugs, and wallpaper. From there, he can “Fancy” the item and save it to his collection, or buy it on the spot with a tap and a swipe. 

One feature that would make it even more amazing would be buying with just the wink of an eye.

Check out the Fancy app for Glass in action in the video below. 

Fancy Glassware from Fancy on Vimeo.