See The Home Base For The Startup That Connects Kaskade, Common, And Aziz Ansari With Fans

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For celebrities, managing all the social sites where they interact with fans is a headache. New York-based startup FanBridge has developed a comprehensive system for managing all those interactions.It’s handled fan interactions for the likes of Lady Gaga, Kaskade, Common, and Aziz Ansari—more than 678 million so far.

The team works out of offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires, where it’s part of the burgeoning Argentinean startup scene.


Off-the-shelf videoconferencing wasn’t doing the trick—so to stay connected, they held a company hackathon to develop a stable livestream between all the offices. 

They moved into a new space in New York in January. It’s a fun workspace—sure, there’s the requisite video-game room and ping-pong table, but we also spotted some perks we haven’t seen elsewhere.

The team was busy when we arrived but they took some time to show us around.

A big sign welcomes you.

Inside, they have a small nook devoted to their main area of focus—acquiring new fans.

The small library covers all the basics for anyone getting started on marketing and fanbase development.

FanBridge fans.

Let's explore and find out ...

Found him! And some other retro Nintendo characters.

Outside the room is a pleasant waiting area.

Most of the decorations come from FanBridge clients.

And in addition to some excellent reading options, FanBridge offers its own gum.

The office is open and takes up the whole floor. With the obligatory red pipe of course.

This colourful wall hanging displays a graphic showing some of FanBridge's bigger accomplishments. They certainly have a star-studded roster.

Employees can use more tables in the kitchen area for work.

A large hangout room takes up a quarter of the office. It includes a TV and some game consoles and doubles as a meeting space and relaxed work environment. And yes, that's a ping-pong table in the other room.

We even got to see it in action!

The hangout room is lined with these portraits of employees. Each new employee gets a drawing and a place on the wall.

The company has offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has a nascent but burgeoning tech community, and San Francisco. They stay connected through this constant livestream shared between the offices.

Justin Kadis has been with FanBridge since July 2011. He runs their strategic partnerships, including a lot of sports and brand partnerships.

Want to guess where he is from?

A neat kitchen space.

And a well-stocked fridge.

Working in the digital marketing space, you need to know your memes. These refrigerator magnets help.

When visitors from other offices stop by, it's customary to bring a local delicacy. Alfajores are a delicious Argentine treat!

And for those times when a sweet won't do the trick.

Hannah Gowans started as an intern in the summer of 2010 and joined full-time this past January. She helps manage clients and works with client manager Scott Englund (in front).

Drew Sanders started at FanBridge as an intern two years ago. Since then he has worked in client services, client marketing, and now business analysis.

Employees of the month also get some cash towards a purchase ... usually something for the office. Sanders used his to buy an ice-dessert machine. He's gotten very good with it.

A celebratory Gund bear, near the trophy they give out to employees of the month.

Corey Zaloom also started as an intern about two years ago, and like Sanders also studied music at NYU. She had been using FanBridge for her own band before joining the company. Now she manages their social marketing and media outreach.

Our favourite thing in the office had to be this remote-control helicopter setup.

They have two and use them in a fun competition where flyers try to land in an opponents landing grid. Here, FanBridge cofounders Spencer Richardson (left) and Noah Dinkin (right) are preparing for an epic showdown.

Off they go.

Dinkin gracefully manages his flying but doesn't attain victory.

Though the small machines appear slightly intimidating with their whirling wings, Dinkin explained that they are quite harmless.

Their on-the-ground success has been acknowledged with some lofty awards.

The table is lined with materials from their clients, including the hit sensation Fun.

Despite the entertaining amenities, the office is a place of hard work.

And so we head off.

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