Amazing fan video shows Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary pass against the Lions nearly hit the rafters

Aaron Rodgers’ amazing game-winning Hail Mary pass against the Detroit Lions Thursday night was impressive enough on TV.

Rodgers bombed a 70-yard rainbow that somehow managed to find the hands of tight end Richard Rodgers to complete an improbable 20-point comeback.

However, it looks like Rodgers’ pass was even more incredible in person, and the sheer height he got on the pass wasn’t properly reflected on TV.

A fan who was at the game posted an Instagram video of the game-winning pass, and seeing it live shows just how ridiculous Aaron Rodgers’ arm is (h/t FTW):

At its peak, it seems like Rodgers’ pass was pretty close to hitting the rafters.


Of course, Rodgers had to air the ball out, not only to give his receivers time to get to the end zone, but also to make it a jump ball and let multiple people have a shot at it. The sense of dread in the crowd as the ball soars is pretty incredible.

It’s noteworthy that Rodgers practices — and has perfected — these types of throws.

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