Fan Video Shows A Camera Cable Snapping And Whipping Into The Crowd At A NASCAR Race

nascar coca cola 600

10 fans were injured at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 in North Carolina yesterday when a Fox TV camera cable snapped and fell into both the track and the crowd.

With just a few laps left, the cable that was holding an overhead camera in place broke. The cars drove over it twice before the race was halted — causing it to whip violently into the crowd as spectators dove under the bleachers to dodge it.

This fan video from Deadspin shows the whole scene up close. After the cable snaps, everyone waves their arms and tries to get the officials to notice what’s going on. When the drivers come back around, people start screaming as the cable whips.

After the cars come around a second time, the race is stopped, and the fans start to yank the cable off of the track.

It snaps at the 32-second mark. At the 1:15 mark you can really see it whip. Scary stuff:

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