Here's The New Smart TV Box Everyone Is Talking About This Afternoon

fan tv

It’s called Fan TV, another one of those set-top boxes that brings streaming content to your TV.

But Fan TV has a slightly different approach. It wants to integrate directly with your cable provider, effectively replacing your regular cable box. Fan TV also has a really nifty remote control that’s pretty much just a touchpad. 

The interface is really nice too.

As AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka tweeted though, Fan TV is pretty much useless without support from cable companies. Apple hasn’t even been able to get cable companies on board for such a project. (The demo video below shows “Kabletown” as the cable provider, an allusion to the phony company that buys NBC in “30 Rock.”)

The company did not say when Fan TV will be available or how much it will cost.

You can watch a demo video here.

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