The fan-favourite TV shows that were canceled then saved by another network in 2018 --  and some that are still waiting


Social media is good for TV fans.

In the past month, social media has helped saved three TV shows as a result of desperate fans tweeting and campaigning to save them.

It started when Fox canceled the beloved “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” due to poor ratings, and then NBC saved it less than two days later. More recently, another Fox show, “Lucifer,” got canceled but saved by Netflix.

But not every show with rallying fans is so lucky.

Here are all the canceled TV shows in 2018 that got saved by another network, along with a few shows with passionate fans that haven’t gotten saved:

“Lucifer” — saved by Netflix after getting canceled by Fox


“Lucifer” was canceled by Fox after three seasons in May. The series follows Lucifer Morningstar (the Devil). He is bored in hell, so he abandons it to go to Los Angeles where he runs a nightclub and becomes a consultant for the LAPD.

Fox said “Lucifer” was canceled due to poor ratings, but its devoted audience made enough noise that both Netflix and Amazon were in talks to bring it back for a fourth season. In the end, Netflix took it.

“The Expanse” — saved by Amazon after getting canceled by SyFy


Critics gushed over the third season of “The Expanse,” a sci-fi show set on colonised planets hundreds of years into the future. In May, SyFy canceled the show.

But critics and fans rallied behind it and campaigned to save it, with over 130,000 fans signing a petition. The campaign even involved fans flying bannered planes over the Amazon headquarters, and “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin sending an email in support of the show to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, according to Deadline.

In late May, Bezos announced that Amazon picked it up for a fourth season.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — saved by NBC after getting canceled by Fox


Devastated “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fans instantly took to social media to express their sadness about Fox’s cancellation in May. Less than two days later, NBC announced that it was bringing the Brooklyn set cop comedy back for a sixth season during the 2018-2019 season.

“It was the middle of the night, I woke up to my phone glowing and I’m wondering what is going on,” star Terry Crews told Business Insider about finding out the show had been saved. “I got all these texts with everyone saying, ‘We’re picked up!’ I jumped out of bed. I felt like I was one of Madonna’s kids. ‘I get to live in the mansion now, she picked me!'”



“Everything Sucks!” — canceled by Netflix in April

Netflix‘Everything Sucks!’

“Everything Sucks” tells the story of Kate Messner, a high-school sophomore who’s coming to terms with her sexuality (she thinks she’s a lesbian). Since the show’s quick cancellation in April (it debuted in February), fans, particularly in the LGBTQ+ community, have been begging Netflix to change its mind.

After fans didn’t stop asking for more “Sense8,” Netflix decided to make a movie to wrap up the story, so there’s some hope.

“Gypsy” — canceled by Netflix in 2017


“Gypsy,” a drama about a therapist (played by Naomi Watts) who gets too involved in the lives of her patients, is another Netflix show that LGBTQ+ fans love. For almost a year, they have been begging the streaming service to bring the show back with organised social-media campaigns, and even a billboard outside of the Netflix LA office.

“Shadowhunters” — canceled by Freeform in June


This show about teenage demon hunters got the axe by Freeform, and will return in 2019 with two final episodes to complete season three. Although fans haven’t seen the end of the story yet, they’re already asking Netflix to pick it up for a fourth season.

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