The Crazy Story Of How A Fan Snuck Into The Ring Following A Recent Manny Pacquiao Fight

Following the recent fight between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios, a man in a bright green suit was seen wondering around the ring during the post-fight interviews. It turns out that man was just a fan and he wasn’t supposed to be there.

Now, in a video posted to YouTube, a man claims to be that fan. He explains how he went from the nosebleed seats to ringside seats for the fight and how he ended up in the ring after the fight and he has a lot of evidence to prove it.

First of all, here is our fan who goes by the name “Donnie Does.” He is clearly a huge Celtics fan and speaks with a heavy Boston accent.

Donnie recommends wearing a “suisey,” which is a suit/jersey mix. According to our hero, “it not only shows you are a sports fan, but you are a respected professional.”

Donnie was able to get by the first level of security at the casino arena by making up “the douchiest, most casino-esque name” he could think of (Ricky Pettucio). He then told the security guards that this was his father and that he “owns the place.” Donnie claims he has used this method other times and it has never failed.

Donnie is now backstage and walking around like he “owns the place.” Keep in mind, he is wearing the bright green basketball suit/jersey. Donnie says the suit makes people respect him.

Next, he recommends walking onto the arena floor as if you are in a hurry and have a serious look on your face. Donnie demonstrates the face (he was wearing sunglasses in the arena).

Donnie is now ringside.

And within an arm’s length of celebrities like David Beckham.

Donnie positioned himself in a seat right behind the ring girls.

He was actually sitting in front of Pacquiao’s wife.

“If the event is over and you’re not in jail, f*** it, just get in the ring.”

Donnie is now in the ring during the post-fight interview, with his green suit and black sunglasses.

He even took a selfie to prove to his friends he wasn’t making this up.

After the fight, Donnie wasn’t done. He went backstage and stopped Stephen Baldwin for photo.

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