The Sports Teams That 23 Of The Most Powerful People On Earth Root For

Warren Buffett cheerleaders

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Sports fandom brings together dissimilar people in a way that you don’t see anywhere else in society. And even the most powerful people on Earth aren’t immune from it.We picked out some of the most important people the business, politics, and culture today — people with lives and responsibilities we cannot imagine — and found out if they cheered for teams like the rest of us.

And the results were pretty interesting.

The most powerful people in England are fans of a middling, working-class soccer club. The mayor of NYC is a fan of one of the city’s most hated rivals. And the most divisive player in sports is a diehard supporter of the most divisive team in sports.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke started rooting for the Nationals when they moved to Washington in 2005

Source: ABC News

Warren Buffett is fan of his hometown Nebraska Cornhuskers for college football, and the St. Louis Cardinals for baseball


Queen Elizabeth is a rumoured Arsenal fan

Source: Daily Mail

Barack Obama is a huge Chicago Bulls fan

Mitt Romney is a Red Sox fan from his time as Massachusetts governor

Source: Huffpo

T. Boone Pickens donated $165 million to the Oklahoma State athletic department

Source: LA Times

Prince William is a supporter of the middling English Premier League club Aston Villa

Source: Aston Villa

UK prime minister David Cameron also loves Aston Villa

Source: Aston Villa

Hillary Clinton roots for the Cubs

Source: Washington Post

Silvio Berlusconi owns the Italian giants AC Milan

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev is a big-time Zenit St. Petersburg fan

Vladimir Putin is a Zenit fan too. He also was influential in bringing the 2018 World Cup to Russia

French president Francois Hollande say he has rooted for two soccer teams in his time, Marseille and Paris St. Germain

Source: Sportune

Pope Benedict is rumoured to be a Bayern Munich fan. The club even offered to make him an honorary member

Source: CNN

VP Joe Biden is a Delaware native, and roots for all Philly sports teams

Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan roots for his hometown Packers

Source: NY Daily News

LeBron James tweets non-stop during Dallas Cowboys games

Hollywood king-maker Steven Spielberg is one of the most prominent celebs at Lakers games

Michael Bloomberg can be found at a lot of Knicks games. But he told the NY Daily News last year that he's a Celtics fan

Source: NYDN

Source: WSJ

BONUS: Lloyd Blankfein isn't a public fan of anyone, but he worked at a concession stand at Yankee Stadium when he was a kid

BONUS #2: Mark Zuckerberg went to a Knicks game to watch fellow Harvard grad Jeremy Lin. He has no know team affiliations though

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