The Real Stationery Of Hitler, Houdini, And 13 Other Famous People

hitler stationery

Photo: Courtesy Letterheady

Shaun Usher of Letterheady, a wonderful site that compiles some of the best letters in existence, has given us permission to share with you our favourites.¬†These are not letters per se, as there are no messages written on them. But the message is in the design–in the simplicity of Albert Einstein’s stationery, the whimsicality of Richard Simmons’s, or the starkness of Adolf Hitler’s.

These blank letters reveal a lot more about a specific person or time than you might imagine. 

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, 1954

Serial Killer Richard 'Night Stalker' Ramirez, 1999

Bill Watterson, late 1980s

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1946

Robot Salesmen Ltd., 1930s

Harry Houdini, 1913

Church of Scientology of California, 1976

Adolf Hitler, 1934-1935

Nikola Tesla Company, c.1900

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Tree Sweet Orange Juice, c.1980

Apple, 1986

'Bring home the bacon,' 1939-1945

Richard Simmons, 2009

Albert Einstein, 1932

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