Families Affected By The 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Claim Charities Aren't Listening To The Victims

colorado shooting family members

Photo: 9News.com

Family members of those affected by the “Dark Knight Rises” midnight premier massacre took to the media today to air their grievances with the way charitable groups in charge of accepting donations for the victims are dispersing the funds.Tom Teves, who lost his son Alex in the shooting and spoke for the group of victims’ family members, said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon that the Colorado organisation for Victim Assistance and the GivingFirst campaign are not considering the victims.

“Victims however still have no voice in the disbursement process,” Teves said in a news conference live streamed through 9News.

So far, more than $5 million has been raised for the victims, however, only $450,000 has been distributed, 7News reported after the press conference.

Teves said he and the other families have repeatedly tried to meet with COVA about their issues with the fund, namely that victims weren’t getting a say in the way funds were dispersed.

However, despite multiple assurances, he says nothing has changed.

“Our goal is and always will be to help the victims,” Teves said. “All of them.”

Despite their past differences, Teves said the victims’ families would be happy to work with COVA as long as victims are given a “robust voice” in the way funds are dispersed

“We are victims. We have knowledge that is unique and should be utilized,” Teves said. “We have already lost everything. Evil started this. Good has to finish it.”

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