Family Of Accused 'Millionaire Madam' Sets Up A Website To Bail Her Out Of Rikers Anna Gristina


The so-called “Millionaire Madam,” Anna Gristina—who is currently being held at Rikers on a single count of promoting prostitution at an Upper East Side brothel—has been unable to post the $2 million bail since her February arrest. Now her family has come up with a plan to get the soccer mum and mother of four back home in time for Mother’s Day by creating a website

The website, which includes family photos and pictures of the pet pigs, is collecting donations to go toward paying the steep bail price.  

Here’s a description: 

We have created our website to tell you our story, about how much we miss our mum, and what you can do to bring her back to us.

There is never a day, a morning, an hour, a minute that goes by that we don’t miss our Mother, Anna Gristina-Gorr. To us, she is the woman who we call for when we are sick, who goes to our school plays and soccer games, who smiles in our eyes. She is mum.

Today, mum is in jail, awaiting the trail. The thing is, while she waits for her case to be heard, she should be home with us. It’s not fair that she doesn’t get to be with her family during this time – she hasn’t been convicted of anything.

Our small family cannot afford the huge bail amount set for her – two million dollars! We are hoping that you will donate to help us pay for her bail, so she can live at home before the trail. We need our mum here. Without her, part of our family’s life is missing.

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