'Family Guy' Voice Actors Get Major Payday For 12th Season

Mila Kunis and Seth Green are two of four voice actors scoring a major payday for their work on FOX’s ‘Family Guy.’

The Griffin family
just got a big payday.

Well, the actors who voice the characters on the animated Fox show did, at least.

Not that they needed it, as half of the four-person cast have successful careers outside of the comedy series, anyhow.

Seth Green and Mila Kunis, who voice son Chris and daughter Meg, respectively; Alex Borstein, who plays mum Lois; and Mike Henry, neighbour Cleveland Brown, have all received a raise that will go into effect in the upcoming 12th season.

“According to multiple sources, the four-member voice cast was able to secure between $US175,000 and $US225,000 each per episode for at least two more seasons — and as many as five seasons of the series,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR notes, “Show creator Seth MacFarlane, who voices several roles including main character Peter Griffin, son Stewie and martini-swilling dog Brian, will negotiate separately because his deal with 20th TV has several other components.”

There’s a few factors that got the actors the hefty payday, as THR points out:

  • The show is able to “command upward of $US250,000 per 30-second spot” in ad revenue.
  • It delivers a coveted younger-skewing male audience to Fox.
  • Repeats still do well, getting upwards of 2.5 million viewers which outrates most weeknight cable offerings.
  • “For 20th TV, ‘Family Guy’ long has been a major source of profits. In addition to licensing and merchandise, the studio has rich syndication deals with distributors including Turner’s TBS and Adult Swim.”

But the cast of “Family Guy” isn’t the first to get a group raise — and they’re not paid the most, either.

The voice actors behind fellow animated Fox show “The Simpsons” have always negotiated together, currently raking in a whopping reported $US300,000 per episode.

But Ironically, it’s “Family Guy’s” Mila Kunis’ boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, who takes the top spot as highest paid actor on TV with his $ $US750,000 per episode “Two And A Half Men” paycheck.

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