'HOLY SHOOT': A Kiwi family came face to face with a killer whale while on a snorkeling trip in New Zealand

The Hauraki Gulf where the family spotted the killer whale/ Google Maps

A New Zealand family had a close encounter with an killer whale while on a snorkeling trip off the eastern coast of the north island of the country.

Brent Withers posted on Facebook a video his son took of the moment the Orca reared its head next to their small boat.

“We had an encounter with Orca on Saturday at the David Rocks in the Hauraki Gulf,” Withers says.

“We were snorkelling, and then…”

On the boat at the time was Withers’ family and another two passengers from Japan.

Withers says his children were in the water when the orca came around the rock but “decided to board the boat as the Orca dived”.

His son Eamon, who captured the moment on camera.

The family watches the orcas as they swim closer to the boat

Brent Withers/ Facebook

They talk about how exciting it would be if they came up close to the boat

Brent Withers/ Facebook

The children in the water get out and they continue to follow its playful movements

Brent Withers/ Facebook

But then it disappears…

Brent Withers/ Facebook

Then you hear Eamon say ‘holy shoot’ in a thick Kiwi accent

Brent Withers/ Facebook

And the whale breaks through the surface of the water and blows water from its spout

Brent Withers/ Facebook

“That’s the coolest thing to happen to me in my whole life!” says Eamon.

The whale came close enough to nudge the boat, or even close enough to touch.

“I could have touched hit, literally,” Eamon says.

“Dad, you said you would laugh if he came up here and he did!”

See the video in full here.

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