'I'm afraid that we might get flipped over:' US family calls 911 after three humpback whales converge on their boat

Darren Lucianna/FacebookA family called 911 when a group of whales converged on their boat.
  • A family was boating in Washington State’s Puget Sound on September 29, when a group of three humpback whales converged on their vessel.
  • The whales started swimming under the boat, causing one woman on board to panic and call 911.
  • Video of the encounter ends with the boaters motoring away from the whales.

Hilarious video shows the moment a family called 911 when a group of humpback whales started playing with their boat.

The incident happened on September 29, when the Lucianna family was out boating on Puget Sound in Washington State.

The encounter starts off friendly, with the man recording the video remarking at the beauty of the whales swimming underneath their vessel. But others on the boat become worried when the whales start rocking the boat a little too much for comfort.

“Oh my god, it’s going right underneath us you guys,” a woman says while panicked breathing is heard in the background.

“It’s all right, it’s OK,” another man says. “He’s just checking us out. They’re not going to hurt us relax.”

“We’re going to die,” another voice says in the background.

The man who appears to be recording the video goes on to say that the whales are “very intelligent” and gets excited when he sees one of the whales start to roll playfully.

“Look at this guys, you’ll never see this again,” he says.

Soon after, one of the women on the boat can be heard calling 911.

“I’m on Puget Sound and there are three grey whales right underneath our boat and I’m afraid that we might get flipped over. I’m really scared,” she says.

The man recording the video then tells his dad to turn on the motor and drive away. As they motor away, one of the whales is seen blowing its blow hole.

“They’re following us!” the man says.

After the video went viral, local news station King 5 interviewed a whale expert who said there’s nothing to fear about a whale encounter. Ken Balcomb, executive director of the Center for Whale Research, said it’s not uncommon for humpback whales to swim under a boat. He says they probably just wanted to play.

“Some individual humpbacks have a lot of curiosity and aren’t afraid of people,” he said.

He suggests that boaters who come across whales either enjoy the show or leave at a slow place.

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