A dedicated group of ‘Fallout 76’ players crashed the game’s server with a trio of nuclear explosions

‘Fallout 76’ players set off three nuclear bombs at once, resulting in a server crash. ‘Fallout 76’/Bethesda
  • Released on November 14th, “Fallout 76” is the latest game in the series of post-apocalyptic first-person shooters.
  • The world of “Fallout” has been devastated by nuclear war, and players can acquire their own nuclear weapons at the end of the game with similarly disastrous effects.
  • Nukes are supposed to be hard to get, requiring players to find randomly generated nuclear codes and decipher them individually. But a small group of players has already found a way to streamline the process.
  • YouTuber Nickaroo93 and his friends were able to set off three nukes in the game at the same moment, causing their entire server to crash.

The “Fallout” franchise has always let players wreak havoc in the game’s dystopian world, but with the newest title, “Fallout 76,” which incorporates online multiplayer, the possibilities for chaos have been multiplied many times over.

Though “Fallout 76” is less than a week old, a group of dedicated players have already found a way to crash their game server by detonating multiple nuclear devices at once.

“Fallout 76” takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse and nuclear devices are some of the last available weapons that players can find at the end of the game. Triggering a nuclear explosion has a devastating effect on the game world, clearing out entire towns and spawning powerful mutant enemies that attack players in the area. Nukes are difficult to obtain under normal circumstances, requiring players to find randomly generated nuclear codes and decipher them individually.

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YouTuber Nickaroo93 and several other players were able to decrypt the game’s nuclear codes with a separate program and decided to launch three of the bombs at the same time. The impact was massive, both in scope and effect.

Fallout 76 Nukes
Moments after the nukes hit, the mushroom clouds are still floating in the background. ‘Fallout 76’/Bethesda

Less than a minute after the three nukes hit, the game’s server came to a halt and kicked Nickaroo and the other players on the server back to the game’s main menu. For the time being, the concurrent launch of multiple nukes seems to be more than “Fallout 76” can handle, though future patches to the game could change how nuclear detonations impact the game.

You can see all three nukes in action below: