8 amazing ways 'Fallout 4' players are changing the game

One of the best things about video games is their ability to be changed by players.

Take last week’s “Fallout 4,” for instance: It features “mod” support — support for players who want to create custom changes to the game they purchased. Those modifications then get released, for free, to the general player base. It’s a pretty rad situation.

Fallout 4Bethesda SoftworksHere’s an early mod for ‘Fallout 4’ that replaces mini-nuclear bombs with babies. Yes, really.

That brings us to “Fallout 4.” Despite only launching eight days ago, some intrepid modders have already created fascinating new ways to play and experience the game.

(Note: These mods, so far, are all for the PC version of “Fallout 4.” The game’s publisher, Bethesda Softworks, says it will bring some mods to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of “Fallout 4” at some point in the future.)

1) Replace your mini-nuke with a baby!

Bethesda Softworks
See that in the air? That's a baby, yes, but it's also going to set off a nuclear explosion when it lands.

This is what 'normal' ammo looks like for the weapon, called a 'Fat Man,' that's being used to fire this:

Bethesda Softworks

The explosion is, well, nuclear:

Bethesda Softworks

But images aren't enough -- you need to see it in action!

2) Get some help from irradiated beasts: have monsters join you as partners!

There are only so many official 'companions' in 'Fallout 4' -- sidekicks, basically -- but this mod offers help from some of the wasteland's nastiest creatures. Like this irradiated bear:

Bethesda Softworks

And this nightmare scorpion:

Beyond adding new companion characters, this mod technically enables two companions at once (the modded addition doesn't register in-game as a companion).

3) Darker nights in the nuclear apocalypse:

There's never been a better time to use the flashlight on your Pip-Boy.

Whether it's the glow from the nuclear apocalypse or a simple game design choice, the nighttime in 'Fallout 4' could be significantly darker.

4) Real talk: make your dialog options literal.

Here's an example of actual dialog options in-game:

Bethesda Softworks
During dialog moments in 'Fallout 4,' your optional answers are representative of what you say, but not literally what you say.

The game intentionally gives you representative answers for space reasons. But many actual answers are short enough to work easily in this mod:

5) More realistic blood!(?) Here's the standard, default blood:

Perhaps the blood just wasn't REAL enough for you, Dexter Morgan.

And here's the 'more realistic,' modded blood:

6) Shooting them with freedom: turn your grenade launcher into an American flag launcher!

Conveniently, these maps come in pre-packaged trifolds.

7) All Hotline Bling, all the time: replace all in-game songs with Drake's 'Hotline Bling.'


8) And finally, the teddy bear launcher: replace your mini-nukes with a teddy bear.

Yes, people love replacing the mini-nuke with inappropriate items.

Watch out below!

And yes, we've got a video of the bear nuke in action as well:

Wondering how to install mods on 'Fallout 4' for PC? Check out this tutorial video!

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