Can you solve this Christmas-themed brainteaser in under 2 minutes?

An elf fell off Santa’s sleigh. Courtesy of

‘Tis the season for holiday-themed brainteasers! Today, courtesy of rental service, there’s a brand new tricky puzzle to solve.

Ready to see? You’re looking for an elf.

XMas Brainteaser 2019
Can you spot the elf? Courtesy of

Have you spotted him?

According to, the average time it takes to solve this brainteaser is just under two minutes – 1 minute, 46 seconds to be exact.

Need a hint?

He’s rocking a blue hat.

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OK, ready to see where this jolly little elf is hiding?

Here it is.

XMas Brainteaser 2019 solved
He’s peeking out from behind a house. Courtesy of

Did you solve it? What was your time?