That Whole ‘Who Owns The Falkland Islands’ Thing Is Heating Up Again

falkland islands

Almost 30 years after the original conflict over the Falkland Islands saw just under a thousand soldiers killed, tensions over the island are  heating up again.

The Telegraph reports that the Mercosur bloc, which includes Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, has banned ports in the region from allowing ships with Falkland Island flags to dock.

“We hold nothing against the UK, but we have a lot in favour of Argentina,” Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said when announcing the decision at the Mercosur summit in Montevideo.

Argentinian president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has welcomed the ban. She wants to see the islands, at the tip of the South American continent, under the rule of Argentina. The sovereignty of the islands has been disputed since they were first settled by the UK in 1764.

Tensions between the two countries, who went to war over the islands in 1982, has reached boiling point after last year UK companies discovered oil near the islands.

“We are very concerned by this latest Argentine attempt to isolate the Falkland Islands people and damage their livelihoods, for which there is no justification,” the British Foreign Office said in a statement.