QUIZ: Can You Spot The Knock-Off Handbags, Shoes, And Gadgets?


Photo: UK Home Office/Flickr

Sometimes, imitation is not the most sincere form of flattery.Thanks in large part to easy accessibility on the internet and the ever-increasing sophistication of knock-off designers, fake luxury goods are now widely available in developed countries around the world.

In FY 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents seized more than $1.1 billion in goods (based on manufacturers’ prices), with pharmaceuticals and electronics leading the way.

We’ve compiled some reals and fakes from around the internet and the UK Border Force’s Home Office Flickr stream. Can you spot the phony versions of handbags, iPhones, watches, and more?

Which pair of Uggs was actually made in Australia?

ANSWER: These fuzzy shoes were seized by Border Patrol in the UK.

Which one is the fake Louis Vuitton designer bag?

ANSWER: This bag is not the real deal.

Which Rolex might be sold from the inside of a trench coat?

ANSWER: Don't be fooled into paying thousands for this replica.

Which is the fake pair of Air Jordans?

ANSWER: This 'Nike' shoe is a fraud.

Can you spot the fake iPhone?

ANSWER: This one looks good, but it definitely doesn't work as well.

Which boots are actually made by Timberland?

ANSWER: These shoes look good, but are phonies.

Which one is the knockoff Gucci bag?

ANSWER: This bag is not the real deal.

Which is the real Andrew Jackson?

ANSWER: The counterfeit $20 is on the right.

Which blue jewelry box is actually from Tiffany & Co.?

ANSWER: You probably don't want anything that comes in this faux box.

Which iPod nano is not from Apple?

ANSWER: Apple would not approve of this iPod.

Which Manolo Blahnik would Carrie Bradshaw never wear?

Can you tell which Lakers cap is a fake?

ANSWER: This hat, seized by UK Border Patrol, is a knock-off.

Which iPad is made by Apple?

ANSWER: We hope you didn't get this fake iPad for Christmas.

Think those knock-offs are good? Wait until you see this.

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