An iconic $5 million basket-shaped building was vandalised -- but a fake photo is freaking people out even more

LongabergerBrent Nicholas Robinson FacebookThis fake photo of the former Longaberger headquarters being torn down is freaking people out.

A fake photo of an iconic basket-shaped office building being ripped apart is freaking people out online.

On Tuesday, someone posted a photo on Facebook of what appeared to be the former headquarters of the basket-making Longaberger Company being torn down.

Longaberger is currently trying to sell the building for $US5 million after failing to find someone willing to pay $US7.5 million for the 180,000-square-foot building near Newark, Ohio.

As of Thursday, the photo had been shared more than 6,000 times, despite the fact that it is completely fake.

“Since I just drove by it an hour ago I’d say this is photoshopped,” one Facebook user commented on the photo.

While the building is still intact, it was recently vandalised.

Someone broke into the building earlier this week, ABC 6 reported. While nothing was taken, the robbery raised concerns among locals about whether the empty building was being properly maintained.

“We saw a picture on Facebook of the Longaberger basket being torn down and we came out to see if it was real or not,” one local, Sarah Dysart, told ABC 6. “Apparently it’s not, thank God.”

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