Hands On With A Fake Chinese iPhone (PHOTOS)

Fake iPhone slide

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

One of our colleagues just got back from a trip to China, and she brought us back a gift: This fake iPhone 4.From far away, it looks pretty real — never mind that Apple hasn’t actually started selling the white iPhone 4 yet, because of some manufacturing problems.

But after holding it for five seconds, and trying to use the software, you get a real sense of appreciation for the real thing. This “SciPhone” is not only a fake, but a crappy fake.

From an arm's length away, this thing doesn't look so bad. A white iPhone 4!

You can see the spot for a front-facing camera, and an Apple-like foil grille on the earpiece.

The home button is clear, not white. Looks OK, not great.

The bottom plugs into an iPhone/iPod charging cable, but backwards.

And it has a fake replica of the iPhone 4's SIM card tray.

On the back, a camera and LED flash spot.

Nice try, but this isn't actually the Apple logo. Odd, because the right logo is so easily available.

The back easily slides off, revealing the fake iPhone's guts -- unlike a real iPhone 4, which doesn't easily open.

Here's the easily removable battery.

There's a slot for an expansion card and *two* SIM cards.

Side by side, you can see that the fake iPhone (left) is wider than the real iPhone 4, and has the wrong Apple logo.

When you turn the phone on, it looks sort of like an iPhone. But the screen is terrible, and you have to press hard (or use a stylus) to get it to respond.

Here's the home screen, a poorly replicated version of the iPhone's, using the wrong fonts and bad capitalisation. But there's Safari, the App Store, iTunes, iPod, etc.

Here are some other apps that our SciPhone seems to have come with.

But we don't have an Internet connection (doesn't seem to have wifi?) so we can't use it.

The Settings menus look sort of like an iPhone's, but are much crappier.

Here's a Zippo lighter app.

Inside the Contacts app.

Here's what seems to be the World Clock feature.

The first of two different settings sections for the camera.

And here's the software keyboard. Good luck typing on this thing.

The photos it takes are no good at all -- these are full-size, un-retouched.

Stay tuned... We'll post a video of us trying to use it later this week.

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