You can stay in a dreamy fairy-lit treehouse in the woods near Atlanta

The Owl in the Oak treehouse. Airbnb

A man built an incredible treehouse all by himself and it’s available to rent on Airbnb.

Kyle Longwell’s “Owl in the Oak” treehouse is in the middle of the woods 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta, with views overlooking trees and a stream.

Owl in the Oak Treehouse   Kyle Longwell 2
The Airbnb is located 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Airbnb

Decked out in fairy lights, with a winding staircase, wraparound outdoor terrace, and tasteful decor, it’s the perfect place for a remote getaway.

Guests will be entirely off-grid and there’s only one power outlet, which can be used to charge small electronics but not larger items like hairdryers, toasters, or coffee makers.

Owl in the Oak Treehouse   Kyle Longwell 4
The property can sleep up to three people. Airbnb

Don’t worry though, there’s a propane heater, hot water, fans, micro USB ports, fridge, stovetop, kettle, French press, toilet, and shower.

The 120 square foot treehouse sleeps three – two can share a queen bed, while the third person can sleep on a twin bed that folds out from the love seat.

Owl in the Oak Treehouse   Kyle Longwell 3
Longwell built the entire treehouse by himself. Airbnb

Despite being remote, you can drive to a parking spot nearby and it’s then just a two-minute walk to the treehouse.

The Airbnb listing says that ultimately, Longwell hopes to build a fire pit with seating nearby too.

Two nights in the treehouse costs $US353, and Longwell built the whole thing himself.

Owl in the Oak Treehouse   Kyle Longwell 5
It’s the perfect place for a remote getaway. Airbnb

“I was amazed at the idea of a space that was designed for adults but built in the trees, such a wonderful nod to childhood and the notion that we can remain whimsical as adults,” he told Metro.

Longwell explained that it had taken him six months to build the first third of the treehouse, but after losing his job due to the coronavirus, he was able to focus on the project fully and completed it in just two more months.

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