This Failed Craft Brewery Kickstarter Was Only $243 Short of Its $25,600 Goal

Failed Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter has been many a startup’s saviour .

But in the case of craft beer incubator, Crooked Bottle, the all-or-nothing nature of Kickstarter was sadly realised.

Crooked Bottle wanted to fund a local incubator of sorts that allowed people to gather in a licensed brewpub, learning the craft of brewing in a friendly environment.

But with minutes to go in their Kickstarter campaign, and only $243 left to raise, things fell through.

Perhaps the Crooked Bottle team thought it was a shoe-in. After all, most Kickstarters pick up steam toward the end, right?

But there was no last push of momentum, and their campaign ended up just short of the $25,600 goal.

They will not receive a penny from the Kickstarter campaign, whose status is now “funding unsuccessful.”

And while Crooked Bottle’s story is downright depressing, you have to wonder if it could have been avoided.

Did not one of the team members have a credit card on hand? At the end of the day, they probably could have made $25,357 “work” for them. It’s much more than $0. Why not gave a laptop handy in case a breath of life is needed with a few seconds to go?

While it’s impossible to know what was actually happening behind-the-scenes (perhaps every member had already poured their savings into the project), Crooked Bottle’s botched campaign teaches every Kickstarter hopeful an important lesson: Choose a realistic, obtainable goal.

And maybe have someone standing by with a laptop and credit card at the end.

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