20 fascinating facts about the majority of British people

RTXEKKJREUTERS/Nigel RoddisA Manchester United fan watches ahead of their Champions League semi-final, first leg soccer match against Arsenal in Manchester, northern England, April 29, 2009.

Most British people drink a lot of tea and say sorry too much — or at least that’s what the rest of the world thinks.

But what facts really hold true for the majority of more than 61 million people that live in the United Kingdom?

We’ve compiled a list using data from a number of research and survey companies, including the Office for National Statistics, Ipsos MORI, and PEW Research.

61% of Britons have brown hair.

65% of Britons have a favourable view of Americans, 10% fewer than in 2002.

Source: Pew Research.

60% of UK adults drink alcohol at least once a week.

Source: Ipsos MORI.

59% of British people describe themselves as Christian.

Source: ONS.

70% of British people are in favour of physician-assisted euthanasia.

Source: Ipsos MORI.

61% of British people see religion as a negative influence in the world. Only 15% see it as positive.

Source: The Guardian.

62% of British people think the internet is making young people's expectations about sex unrealistic.

51% of Britons have never had a one-night stand.

Source: The Guardian.

58% of marriages in Britain don't end in divorce. The average marriage that ends in divorce is expected to last 32 years.

Source: ONS.

83% of British people are accepting of homosexuality.

Source: Pew Research.

68% of British people would prefer not to live in a big city, if given the choice.

66% of British people feel they are in 'good health.'

Source: Ipsos MORI.

77% of British people still watch conventional TV everyday or several times a day.

62% of British people say they are not usually the first among friends to try things out.

53% of British tablet owners use an Apple iPad.

57% of Britons use social media every day, making them the second most prolific users in Europe.

Source: ONS.

53% of British people would like Great Britain to be 'the way it used to be.'

83% of British people don't trust the UK government.

53% of British people wish their life was simpler.

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