22 fascinating facts about the majority of Americans

Although the US might seem more polarised than ever, Americans can still find common ground on plenty or topics.

Based on Census data, Pew and Gallup polls, and more, Business Insider identified some simple facts that ring true for the majority of the nearly 320 million US residents.

51% of Americans identify as upper-middle class and middle class

51% of Americans are 'not at all confident' that the universe began with the Big Bang.

52% of Americans think it's more important to protect their right to own a gun than implement gun control.

53% of Americans support legalizing marijuana.

54% of Americans are 'very confident' in the existence of a supreme being.

55% of Americans invest in the stock market

58% of Americans have confidence in Obama to 'do the right thing regarding world affairs.'

59% of Americans believe online dating is a good way to meet people.

60% of Americans support same-sex marriage.

61% of Americans say they text while driving.

61% of Americans believe there were more people involved in the JFK assassination.

63% of Americans think wealth should be distributed more evenly among a greater percentage of people. The percentage has only increased by three points since 1984.

64% of Americans own a smartphone.

64% of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life.

69% of Americans are in favour of euthanasia.

70% of Americans identify as Christian, although the number has been declining in recent years.

73% of Americans live with at least one other person.

79% of US adults believe abortion should be legal under some circumstances.

Source: A 2014 Gallup poll

86% of Americans over 25 are high school graduates.

93% of Americans lack confidence in Congress.

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