10 Fascinating Facts About The World's Richest People

Flying Wealthy

Where do millionaires live?

Where will the millionaires be in 2020?

What are they invested in?

All those questions are the focus of a fascinating study from Deloitte centre for Financial Services on the state of millionaires, and how things will change over the next decade.

If you’re a banker looking for wealthy clients, it’s a must read.

The total wealth of world millionaires will go from $92 trillion to $202 trillion in 10 years

US millionaires will have the most money in 2020

The US will still have the most millionaires in 2020

Among super-millionaires, China is already #2

Singapore and Switzerland will have the highest population of millionaires

And Swiss millionaires are the richest in the world

Here's how millionaires invest

US millionaires are back to pre-crisis levels

There are 496K US households with over $30M

New Jersey is the most millionaire dense state in the US.

But what do millionaires buy?

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