9 Facts You Never Knew About The Staggering Size Of The Company That Makes 'Candy Crush Saga'

candy crush saga candy smasherA scene from Candy Crush Saga, the loopy sweet matching game.

King.com, a company most people have never heard of (it makes the mobile game Candy Crush Saga), just overtook Zynga (maker of FarmVille) as the No.1 Facebook game app maker on Facebook, according to AppData.

No wonder investors and analysts are salivating at the idea of a King IPO (even though, financially, history game IPOs are fraught with peril).

To give you an idea of just how dominant King has become, here are some facts about the size of the company and its audience:

  1. King reached 150.4 million monthly users on Facebook, according to Bloomberg. Poor old Zynga has only 150.2 million. King is now Facebook’s top gamemaker.
  2. King games can be started on a phone and picked up again on a desktop — that’s why they’re so “sticky” with users.
  3. King is probably already generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year from advertising, analysts believe.
  4. Bloomberg reported than “Zynga has lost more than 100 million players in the past year — about the same number gained by King.”
  5. The secret to King’s success are its games’ time elasticity. Any King game can be played for either 2 minutes or 2 hours. There is no time commitment before starting — unlike Zynga Poker.
  6. We noted yesterday that Candy Crush Saga is played more than 600 million times per day. AppData suggests 45 million people play Candy Crush each month.
  7. AppData shows that King has more than double the number of Facebook app users as Microsoft — even though Microsoft has a formal, longstanding partnership with Facebook.
  8. Two of King’s lesser known titles, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Hero Saga, both have more users on Facebook than Bing.
  9. Bubble Saga, King’s 7th most successful game, has 1 million MAUs. (Put another way, if Bubble Saga was a standalone mobile app, that would make it a hot new startup just on its own.)

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