20 More Facts About Inequality That Will Make Your Head Explode


It’s not just that the rich are getting richer.

Workers that start out at the bottom have a harder time making it to the higher rungs, and separation is increasing even physically as wealthy neighborhoods get more exclusive.

Inequality is rising in many ways, and the Stanford centre for the Study of Poverty and Inequality Mission pulled some charts from recent studies that show how poverty and unemployment are hitting different groups.

For 30 years, top-tier wages have grown much faster than the rest

Believe it or not, there was a time when the CEO earned only 39 times more than the average worker

The top 10% was dominant in '83; even more dominant in '01; and even more dominant in '07

People without college degrees have seen a steady decline in wages over the past 30 years

Women were erasing the pay gap until 2005, when they hit 80% of what men earn

Women and men hold very different types of jobs. Guess which pay better

White high-school students are more likely to enroll in college than other groups, and the gap has increased

A nation not among equals

With 22% of kids growing up in poverty, the US rate is closer to Mexico than Europe

The richest families are less likely to have neighbours with lower incomes now than in the 1970s

The rate of uninsured kids is higher among Hispanics (20%) and blacks (12%) than whites (7%)

It's getting harder for workers starting out at the bottom to make it higher up on the pay scale

One in 10 workers is at a job that has lower pay and less benefits than a full-time position

A record 717,000 people quit the labour force in the first quarter of 2009 because they couldn't find a job

750,000 Americans go homeless every night, including a disproportionate number of males, blacks, veterans and disabled people

Social mobility is a myth for kids born into the poorest families

The labour market gets less regulated each year, with a lower real minimum wage and fewer union workers

Jobs losses are worse than they've been in recent recessions. Only the 1981-1982 slump compares

Inequality among immigrants is high because workers are concentrated among the lowest and highest skill sets

Middle class wages are stagnant even while GDP per worker soars

Meanwhile segregation is declining at a glacial rate

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