7 facts about Coca-Cola's iconic bottle, on its 100th birthday

The “so distinctive it could be recognised in the dark or lying on the ground, Coca-Cola bottle turned
100-years-old on Monday.

To celebrate one of the world’s most valuable brands and its equally recognisable packaging, here are seven facts about Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle.

1. In 1915, the Root Glass Company in Terre Haute, Indiana, patented the now-famous contoured Coca-Cola glass bottle.

2. The curves of the bottle are referred to as a “hobbleskirt.”

3. Coca-Cola developed the first six-pack in 1923 in order to encourage consumers to drink more of the soda and to take it home.

4. All Coca-Colas produced between late 1923 and 1937 are referred to as “Christmas Bottles,” due to a renewed bottle patent issued on December 25, 1923.

5. In 1950, Coca-Cola’s now-famous bottle was the first commercial product to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

Here’s the May 15, 1950 cover:

6. In 1955 Coca-Cola debuted its King Size (10- and 12-ounce) and Family Size (26-ounce) bottles.

7. Coca-Cola began testing a process to put the soda in cans before World War II, but due to the war effort all development on cans was postponed.

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