10 Signs That Caterpillar Is A World-Moving Behemoth


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Caterpillar Inc. is the most dominating force in the construction machinery industry.The Illinois-based company clobbered rival John Deere in 2010 revenue and this year it is expected to bring in $51.5 billion.

Its global presence is getting more massive with operations in 128 countries. It now generates about half of its sales from its abroad business. The company will make an aggressive push in Asia and plans to be producing 180,000 machines a year for them by 2015.

Caterpillar is the primary servicer for all major North American railroads, meaning they are responsible for over 100,000 miles of rail.

It has the capacity to build 180,000 machines worldwide per year

Source: Bloomberg

Caterpillar uses 15 million pounds of steel weld wire per year to make its machines

Caterpillar trucks move more than 50% of the rock in the quarry and aggregates industry worldwide.

Source: Caterpillar.com

Caterpillar released 2.65 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2010, almost as much as all the cars in Washington DC

Source: Caterpillar.com; authors calculations based on vehicles per capita

Caterpillar makes 25,000 forklifts per year - which altogether could lift 967 Empire State Buildings

Source: hubpages.com

Caterpillar manufacturers up to 225,000 big truck engines each year in the U.S.

Source: dbmarketing

More than 100,000 Cat engines are at work at any time worldwide in wood chippers, air compressors, irrigators, fire pumps, locomotives and mining machines

Source: Caterpillar.com

A large CAT loader can have up to 1577 horsepower which is four times as great as the horsepower of a Porsche Boxter

Source: Caterpillar.com

With revenue of $42.58 billion for 2010 Caterpillar has a bigger economy than Costa Rica

Source: Caterpillar.com

If you think this company is massive wait until you hear about your favourite coffee chain

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