Facial hair isn't dying -- it's just changing

BeardsGetty/John PhillipsA neat, stubble-like beard is becoming more popular than the bushy beards of the early 2010s.

Our love affair with beards isn’t going away any time soon. It is, however, maturing.

The bushy beards of years past have started to give way to a more close-cropped, sculpted, well-kept, professional look.

“The big, super-heavy beard we’re seeing less of,” Riki Bryan, who works in marketing for Fellow Barber, a chain of barber shops in NYC and San Francisco, told Business Insider. “But it’s still very prominent.”

Guys are starting to trim their beards “shorter and tighter”, which is a look that would be fully acceptable to wear in any profession — even finance.

Guys are also looking for something more interesting to do with the hair on their face, turning them into more traditional shapes. Rediscovering the past, if you will.

Bryan said they’re also seeing a lot more mustaches and different variations of facial hair.

How can get in on this yourself? The answer is simple: a beard trimmer. Learn it, love it, live it. They’re easy to use, and give your facial hair a great neat, professional look.

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