Gaze Into The Faces And Minds Of Average Iranians

Iran Cyrus Dowlatshahi store guy

Photo: Vimeo/Cyrus Dowlatshahi

Every day in the news you learn what nuke-obsessed zealot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks, but you rarely hear the common people.We grabbed some beautiful everyday images of Iranians from a video by Cyrus Dowlatshahi along with statistics from a survey by RAND. NOTE: The slide titles do not necessarily relate to the people in the pictures.

Approximately 78,868,711 people live in Iran

Source: CIA

About 19 per cent of the population lives below poverty line

Source: CIA

The unemployment rate is as high as 15.3 per cent

Source: CIA

Youth unemployment is much worse at 23 per cent

Source: CIA

More than half of Iranians believe that the ideal role for the government is job creation

More than a quarter of Iranians said the most important issue for them is the economy

Almost half of respondents rated Iran's economy as average, while another third rated it as poor

40 per cent of Iranians want their economy to be modelled after Japan

Only eight per cent pinpointed China as worthy of being followed, while just three per cent named the U.S.

23 per cent said Iran shouldn't model its economy after anyone

A third of Iranians say that the country's security is the most important issue to determine their vote

87 per cent strongly support Iran's development of nuclear energy

They are split almost equally on their support for the development of nuclear weapons

About 80 per cent of Iranian households have landline phones

77 per cent said Iran's official media is their primary source of information regarding U.S.-Iranian relations

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