Facebook's Video Ads Will Cost More Than The Networks Charge For The Super Bowl

ray lewis before the super bowl

Bloomberg reported that Facebook is hoping to charge advertisers between $1 million and $2.5 million dollars per day for the 15-second long video ads that they are planning to include three times a day in your news feed.

For comparison, a 30-second ad for the 2013 Super Bowl hit a record $4 million price point. So if reports are true, Facebook’s premium would cost than the Super Bowl’s for the same length of time.

Granted, the Facebook video ad will play three times a day. But the difference between Facebook and the Super Bowl is that many of the Super Bowl’s 108.4 million viewers tune in specifically for the ads. No one goes to Facebook because they are hoping to see new ads.

While most of the information about the highly anticipated video unit is unconfirmed, according to All Things D, “We do have a good idea of what they’ll look like when they show up, though: Short clips that will automatically play — without sound — when users scroll through their News Feed; if Facebook users click on the ad, the volume will turn on, and the ad will expand to take up most of the page.”

Kind of similar to a 15-second Instagram video.

Time noted, “Auto-playing ads in the desktop instance of Facebook could get annoying quickly; auto-playing ads on mobile devices would be unthinkable given people’s finite data buckets.”

So is that worth a Super Bowl premium?

Facebook itself has been creating the side-by-side comparison.

Executives have been referencing the Super Bowl specifically when discussing why it makes more sense to invest ad dollars in Facebook than TV. COO Sheryl Sandberg has noted noted on numerous occasions that Facebook has the attention of more people than the number of Super Bowl viewers, “and it happens every day.”

Facebook currently has 1.15 billion users and 88 million to 100 million active nightly users during prime-time TV hours in the U.S.

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