Facebook's Top NYC Engineer Describes Zuckerberg: 'He's Definitely Not A Dick'

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Photo: Thebawdofeuphony via Instagram

Facebook’s top New York-based engineer, Serkan Piantino, is hosting an AMA, or ask-me-anything, session on Reddit right now.One Reddit user asked: “Is Zuck a cool dude?”

“The movie made him out to be kind of a dick at times (and I’m sure he has to be). Just in general though, what is he like? How much time does he spend around the office? I heard no one gets an office, and that everyone essentially gets roughly the same set up. Is that true? Does he still sit in the pen with the other engineers?”

Piantino’s : “He’s definitely not a dick.”

“He has the same desk setup as everyone else and spends more time at the office than anyone. He lives a block away so he can do that, and he’s really disciplined in that way. It’s impressive. He’s also super smart. I dunno how to answer these questions as I’m not good at explaining how a person is to other people, but I assure you he’s a smart guy who likes building things for Facebook and is awesome to work with.”

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