Facebook's Silly Secrecy Fetish

Hats off to Valleywag’s Nicholas Carlson, who won our intramural competition to uncover the location of Facebook’s presentation next Tuesday: It’s at an event hall called Loft Eleven in the mid-30s.

The real mystery: Why was the location of the meeting a secret to begin with? And why on earth is Facebook requiring attendees to sign NDAs?

We understand that Mark Zuckerberg and company have been spooked by the leaks surrounding their funding talks — though it’s hard to keep a secret when you’re the world’s sexiest startup and negotiating in a hothouse with Google and Microsoft. But Tuesday’s event isn’t a negotiation: It’s a marketing pitch, to advertisers.

It’s not as if the closed-door, don’t-tell-a-soul policy prevents people from chattering about it anyway. It just ensures that reports about the meeting will be filtered and distorted multiple times before it gets into print.  And presumably that’s what Facebook is trying to prevent.

Mark, Jim, Peter? You’ve been out of stealth mode for a long time now. Best get used to it.

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