Facebook Gives Developers New Rules To Live By

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Facebook gathered developers and press for a Developer Garage at its new Palo Alto headquarters to discuss the new rules for the Facebook Platform last night.

Changes to be in effect by the end of this year:

  • Developers will be able to ask for users’ primary emails
  • Developers will only be able use the streams, Inbox, or email for notifications
  • Invites will either be an Inbox filter or show up in Applications and Games dashboards
  • Users will be able to share content from applications with each other using the Inbox
  • Streams will be rendered as 1 image, a few lines of text, and 1 action link
  • Older feed APIs will no longer be supported, only Stream.publish, Facebook.streamPublish, and FB.Connect.streamPublish will be allowed
  • Users will be able to decide to pop open forms in the Feed
  • An “Add Bookmark” button will be created for use in applications
  • Application bookmarks will move from the menu bar to the left hand side of the home page
  • Counters will be an unique notification channel and displayed next to each application
  • There will be new dashboards for discovering games and applications
  • Canvas pages will be formated differently to highlight applicatoin branding
  • Facebook’s Developer page will be updated to showcase more developer support
  • Platform Live Status tool will be available showing platform uptime and status
  • Plaftform Principles, policies explanations and examples for developers, will be updated and streamlined
  • Facebook Platform will no longer offer Application Verification branding, instead all applications are just required to adhere to Facebook Platform principles and requirements
  • There will no longer be Verification submission process, fees, or badges

Changes to be in effect start of next year

  • Requests will be done via Invites or through the Inbox
  • Application tabs will be the only way to integrate Profile pages
  • There will be an Open Graph API to let websites outside of Facebook replicate Facebook Page features, users can be Fans, show up in search results, and publish stories to the streams
  • Insights pages will gain more application usage date

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