Facebook's New Ad Strategy: rumour Roundup

We’re two weeks away from a suddenly much-anticipated announcement from Facebook about a new advertising strategy. The rollout is to take place in New York City on Nov. 6, presumably timed to kick off the ad:tech conference.

The rumour mill consensus is clear: Facebook will be announcing some kind of ad initiative that leverages the personal information that Facebook users volunteer on their site. This is a big deal, but also old news — it’s been the holy grail of Internet marketers for many years. Facebook archrival MySpace is the latest site to take a stab at it.

The bigger debate among hypothesizers: Will Facebook’s program be confined to the social network, or will Mark Zuckerberg and co somehow figure out how to create a Google-like network that will work on other sites as well? AdAge thinks it’s possible, Valleywag thinks it’s likely.

Radar, meanwhile has a list of 9 advertisers it says have been invited to become “Landmark Partners” in the initiative, at a buy-in of $300,000 each: Condé Nast, Nike, Apple, Sony, General Motors, Coke, CBS, Chase, and Verizon.

Updates as we get them.

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