Facebook's IPO Expected To Blow Google's Out Of The Water - Will Be The Largest VC Backed IPO Ever By 4X

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says Facebook is expected to smash three IPO records when it goes public.

Google holds the current record for the largest IPO by a venture backed company which was valued at $24.6 billion in 2004.

Facebook is expected to exceed that by about four times.

Thanks in part to Instagram, Facebook is also the “most active acquirer pre-IPO,” says Dow Jones.  It has purchased 13 VC-backed companies while private. Twitter is in a close second with 11 VC-backed acquisitions.

Facebook has also raised more money than any other VC-backed company to go public. It has raised $2.2 billion in equity financing. Clearwire follows in second place; it raised $1.2 billion before its IPO in 2007. Twitter has raised $1.1 billion.

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