Facebook's IPO Is About To Make These People Millionaires And Billionaires

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Facebook’s most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange commission is finally out, and it reveals just how much Facebook insiders will make when they sell their shares.Facebook set a price range for its IPO between $28 and $35.

One note on the calculations: for ownership, we’re looking at the voting power in the S-1 filing, because Facebook has two classes of shares. One class of shares has more voting power than the other.

Reid Hoffman

Shares selling: 942,784

Ownership after sale: <1%

Return: $26 million to $33 million

Mark Pincus

Shares selling: 1,009,283

Ownership after sale: <1%

Return: $28 million to $35 million

Tiger Global Management (Chase Coleman)

Shares selling: 3,362,188

Ownership after sale: 2.9%

Return: $94 million to $118 million

Elevation Partners

Shares selling: 4,622,496

Ownership after sale: 2.2%

Return: $129 million to $162 million


Shares selling: 6,556,925

Ownership after sale: 1.6%

Return: $184 million to $230 million

Meritech Capital Partners

Shares selling: 6,998,780

Ownership after sale: 2.1%

Return: $196 million to $245 million

Greylock Partners

Shares selling: 6,998,763

Ownership after sale: 1.9%

Return: $196 million to $245 million

Peter Thiel

Shares selling: 7,748,385

Ownership after sale: <1%

Return: $217 million to $277 million


Shares selling: 11,270,402

Ownership after sale: 2.8%

Return: $316 million to $395 million

Goldman Sachs

Shares selling: 13,189,447

Ownership after sale: <1%

Return: $369 million to $462 million

Digital Sky Technologies

Shares selling: 26,255,972

Ownership after sale: 5.7%

Return: $735 million to $919 million

Note: Yuri Milner still controls a large portion of Facebook's high-voting stock shares.

Mark Zuckerberg

Shares selling: 30,200,000

Ownership after sale: 30.3%

Return: $846 million to $1.1 billion

Note: Zuckerberg controls a special class of shares called Class A shares, so he retains most of the voting power in Facebook.

Accel Partners

Shares selling: 38,189,423

Ownership after sale: 1.6%

Return: $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion

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