Here's A Facebook Ad Sales Pitch Deck

fbx facebook exchange pitch slideshow

There are two ways to buy ads on Facebook: directly, through Facebook’s own tools; or through Facebook Exchange (FBX).

FBX allows advertisers to target Facebook users based on their non-Facebook web browsing histories. Most people outside the world of adtech don’t know how this works.

But an FBX ad sales pitch deck was displayed during a live stream event in which Facebook Exchange product marketing manager Scott Shapiro told advertisers why they need to get on the network.

It breaks down exactly what FBX is, for confused marketers.

One amazing fact: Facebook believes it serves 28% of all display advertising on the web.

There are three things that make FBX really stand out: It reaches 1.1 billion people worldwide, the relevance of its ads (since marketers can use Facebook's data or their own), and the efficiency of the process, as Facebook is just one publisher.

Here's what FBX looks like to advertisers: If an advertiser has collected user data (from tracking cookies deposited by search engines, subscriptions, or online shopping), they can now target those users on Facebook.

Advertisers using Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) can extend ad buys across various channels and into Facebook via FBX. ComScore says that Facebook accounts for 28% of overall display advertising on the web, a huge level of reach.

Standard Facebook targeting uses information found inside Facebook, like a consumer's age, sex, or favourite brands. FBX uses data found outside of Facebook, like searches and online purchases.

There are also different ways to buy standard Facebook ads and FBX.

And FBX already has success stories. Many marketers say that they are only able to find certain consumers via FBX.

Doesn't the new format, right, look more appealing?

Although advertisers should know that link page post ads are only available on desktops, both in the newsfeed and on the right hand side.

This newsfeed availability is a good thing!

Like all pitch decks, Facebook's included success stories from marketers, in this case using the new ad format in the newsfeed.

How do advertisers get on FBX? Just ask their current DSP if they are connected to FBX. If not, Facebook's website has a list of DSPs that do offer FBX.

Watch the whole presentation below:

Watch live streaming video from fbmarketingtalks at

While that deck was a little dry, Reddit's is incredible.

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