Facebook's Big Move Will Be Done On Monday

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Facebook is done moving from its long time headquarters in Palo Alto to a new office park in Menlo Park.

The company announced plans to move to the old Sun Microsystems campus back in February, and the move started over the summer. At the time, the company said the move would be done no later than 2012. In fact, it took less than 10 months.

SFGate was the first to report that the move would be done on Monday. Facebook confirmed that about 2,000 people are in the new space and it will open for business on Monday.

The new office park is quite a contrast with the old location. The offices in Palo Alto are spread across a couple of different locations and Facebook is bursting out of them, but they are bordered by tree-lined streets with fancy houses and within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

The new office park is isolated from residences and shops by a four-lane highway, and the neighbourhood on the other side is working class. That will probably change, though, as Facebookers like CEO Mark Zuckerberg look to move close to their new headquarters.

But Facebook is growing fast and it needed more space. The new campus has room for about 3,700 today — Facebook has about 3,000 employees now — and Facebook has bought adjacent land that could help it house up to 2,000 more people.

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