Facebook’s Ad Product Director Tells Us Where He Thinks Mobile Is Headed

Gokul Rajaram
Facebook’s Gokul Rajaram

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Gokul Rajaram is the director of product management for ads at Facebook. We asked him what he thinks is the single most important development worth watching in mobile marketing.His answer—which focused on “targeting” (the ability of an advertiser to reach you with an ad that most closely matches your identity or interests)—tells you something about Facebook’s priorities.

Many, many people have criticised the limited nature of ads on Facebook and their alleged ineffectiveness (they’re too small, there’s not enough of them, there are too many of them, etc.)

But people forget what Facebook is sitting on, and what, arguably, it has yet to fully exploit: An unmatched mountain of personal data on 900 million users, their personal photos, their friends and family. Their entire lives, in some cases.

An agency CEO who got a glimpse of the depth of Facebook’s data told us recently that Facebook’s data mountain, and thus its ability to target consumers with relevant ads, is both “astounding” and “terrifying,” depending on your point of view. And Facebook hasn’t even begun to roll it out to its fullest potential—yet.

That’s the context.

Here’s what Rajaram told us to watch out for in mobile advertising:

The single most important development worth watching is how targeting will evolve for mobile marketing. Reaching the right person at the right time is critical within the desktop ecosystem, how will marketers wade through the dozens of approaches to targeting (developed by various ad networks, ad servers and other 3rd parties) to figure out which form of targeting is accurate, and more importantly, what works?
Following closely, if I were able to look at two developments, I’d also focus on the continual evolution of how marketers leverage social for mobile marketing. There have been some great success stories recently with app developers leveraging Facebook to drive installs and re-engagement for their mobile applications, but we are the very beginnings of this mega-trend.


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