Bad News For Zynga: Facebook Says Game Play Is Up This Year

mark pincus

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Remember how Zynga basically blamed Facebook for its lousy quarter?Mark Pincus and company had better find another excuse.

At a game-developers conference in Europe, Facebook representatives said that game-playing on its website was actually up significantly, countering the notion that game play was shifting over to mobile.

Now more than 235 million people play games on a month, up from 205 million a year ago and 217 million at the beginning of 2012.

It’s possible, of course, people are playing more games on Facebook—just not Zynga games.

In fact, Zynga said Facebook made changes earlier this year that encouraged people to play new games but hurt existing games.

That change naturally hit Zynga, as the largest maker of social games on Facebook, disproportionately hard. That in turn led to a big management shakeup, with the exit of COO John Schappert and the elevation of two executives in charge of creating games, David Ko and Steve Chiang.